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Guide to Rules & Regulations for this Section.

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Guide to Rules & Regulations for this Section. Empty Guide to Rules & Regulations for this Section.

Post by Spider Mon Apr 04, 2016 9:29 am

I think we need a certain set of rules for this section to be a happy and chirpy place rather than becoming a flaming war place.So here are a certain set of rules i propose:

1)This section is made for fun and not for insulting or hurting other members,so please restrain from doing it.If you find anyone doing it please send me a PM rather than starting a flame war.

2)Remember i have asked this section to be public so that everyone can see it,so please behave accordingly.

3)I wanted the comments on episode 1 on topics like the PEEP show to be erased before the second episode,this will help everyone to access it easily at one place.

4)Please don't spam the Newspaper threads,let them be clean and pleasing to read.Restrain from excessive posting and Only post if it is sensible.And if you want to suggest something for it,PM me or put it in the suggestions section.

5)Don't spam people on this thread[as it's public] ,for that we have a spam box,do it there.

6)Don't create out of sense topics here,remember it's 'Events' section.

Further rules to be updated after experiencing of this section.

If all these can be accepted and maintained i'll be really glad.
P.S. Sticky please.

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